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Kyo Cummings

Senior Pastor

We are delighted to introduce Pastor Elder Kyo Cummings, whose life journey reflects a profound commitment to faith, education, and service. Pastor Cummings holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Communications from Baldwin Wallace University. This academic achievement positions him to lead our congregation with holistic wisdom and spiritual insight. 

In parallel to his academic endeavors, Pastor Cummings immersed himself in the television industry from 1995 to 2020, contributing his skills in various capacities, including production, assignment desk, field producer, and graphics. This diverse professional experience reflects his adaptability and versatility.

Pastor Cummings' spiritual leadership journey began when he answered the call on January 3, 1996, becoming a licensed minister in 1998. In July 2001, he received ordination from the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, solidifying his commitment to the service of God. In 2023, Elder Cummings was elevated to the position of District Elder.

August 14, 1983, when he received the Holy Spirit and Baptism in Jesus' Name under the pastoral guidance of his father, the late Suffragan Bishop Claude W. Cummings. This foundational experience set him on a transformative spiritual growth and leadership path.

Beyond the church walls, Elder Cummings participates in various community organizations. His volunteer and leadership roles contributions to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Haven of Rest Women's Shelter, MARC Senior Care, Youth Empowerment Program, Ohio Reads,  ODC Teen Camp Pastor, Africa Missions, Dominican Republic Missions, Lee Harvard Ministerial Alliance, Cleveland Apostolic Ministerial Fellowship, and the Next Generation Pastor's Institute.

Elder Cummings has been happily married to Lady Lisa Cummings since August 1999. They have been blessed with two sons, forming a supportive and loving family unit.

As we come together under Pastor Elder Kyo Cummings' guidance, we celebrate a leader whose life is a testament to faith, continuous learning, and a heart dedicated to serving God and the community.

Church Woman

Dr. Janet Cummings


Dr. Janet S. Cummings was born in Columbus, Ohio where she received her basic revelation of the scripture under her pastor’s spiritual tutelage. The Lord, in preparing her for greater work in His plans, gave her Jeremiah 29:11 as a seed of truth yet to be fulfilled. As she grew in faith, He added Ephesians 3:20 for the harvest.


Dr. Cummings is an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of World, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, and a member of the Ohio District Council of Pentecostal Churches where she serves on various committees.

She is the widow of the late Dr. Claude W. Cummings, founder and pastor emeritus of Ebenezer Assembly of Christ where she continues to serve as Executive Pastor to Senior Pastor, District Elder Kyo Cummings. Some of her areas of ministry include but are not limited to the Christian Education Department, the Ladies of Victory, and the Finance and Administration support staff.



Choir Director

A passionate speaker and an inspirational spiritual guide, Max Johnson plays a vital part of our church. They are especially attuned to connecting with youth and new members, helping them find their place in our congregation.

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