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1921 - The Pentecostal Movement Arrives in Cleveland and the Saints begin to meet at New Zion on 40th and Orange under leadership of Elder A.L. Schooler, who later became one of the first bishops of the P.A. of W.  Due to the hardship of commuting from Miles Heights,  they began holding services in houses forming New Zion #2.


1927 - New Zion #2 purchases land on Florida Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44128

The small congregation desired to build on their land.  Approximately 4 pastors had come to assist the congregation in their efforts.


1961 - Bishop Karl Smith, Diocesan of Ohio, sent a young minister by the name of Elder Claude W. Cummings to work with the small congregation.


1962 - Elder Claude W. Cummings becomes Pastor of New Zion #2


1966 - The small church is now built and dedicated September 25, 1966.


September 29, 1966 at 5:30 p.m. - Tornado Strikes Southeast Cleveland and New Zion #2 was completely destroyed.


December 4, 1966 New Zion #2 was dissolved and became Ebenezer Assembly of Christ, Inc.


1967 - Approximately 1 year after the tornado Ebenezer Assembly was standing and ready to receive its congregation. Thanks to Forest City, the community, and saints. 

2001 - Building Expansion


2006 - Bishop Claude Cummings was called to glory and our Co-Pastor, Elder Kyo Cummings was installed as Pastor..


Ebenezer Assembly has been a supporter of the community: member of the Lee Miles Ministerial Alliance who built & manages the MARC (Ministerial ​Alliance Retirement Center) located on Lee Road.  Member of the Cleveland Apostolic Ministerial Fellowship, and supporter of Missionaries in Monrovia, Liberia. 


Community Outreach:   free meals, groceries for families,organic community garden, Lee Miles Hunger Center,Teen Summer Work Program, tutoring, and job training.

We give all the glory to God for our history and all His blessings.  We invite you to come help us write the rest of the story...

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